Asli Shehi is a photographic artist living and working in Kent, England. In her photographs, Asli questions the conventions of what is normal, beautiful, good and familiar and what is not. She explores the tensions between opposite binaries such as desire and disgust or beauty and the sublime. She uses the camera to reveal her personal interpretation of the tensions created when conflicting ideas interact.

Her work has always been concerned with fragmenting, distorting, cropping, reducing and repetition in order to reconstruct a new image or collection of images with a sense of abstraction and ambiguity. She aims to create curiosity but leaves traces or hints to spark a sense of familiarity.

Her most recent body of work, ‘Sacred and Cursed’, consists of dismembered parts of The Lamb placed in the context of classic still life scenes and is a response to a ritual slaughter representing repression in society. By elevating these dismembered parts of the animal through tone and form in her still life pieces, she questions what is virtuous and what is not and evokes the viewer’s repressions.


  • Master of Arts Photography(with Distinction), University for the Creative Arts – Rochester, Kent – 2014
  • BA(Hons), Fine Art, University for the Creative Arts – Canterbury, Kent – 2012


  • September 2015, Group Exhibition,Edge, Below 65 Gallery, Maidstone,UK
  • July 2015, Group Zeitgeist Summer Exhibition, Bond House Gallery, London, UK
  • June 2015, Group Exhibition, Space Gallery, London, UK
  • December 2014, Group Exhibition, Black Swan Arts Open Exhibition, Somerset, UK
  • November 2014, Group Exhibition, Response, Maidstone Museum Bentlif Art Gallery, UK
  • September 2014, Group Exhibition, MA Degree Show, UCA Canterbury, UK
  • March 2014, Group Exhibition, Interim Show, UCA Rochester, UK
  • March 2013, Group Exhibition,  Interim Show, UCA Rochester, UK


  • Sacred and Cursed,, 2014


  • National Open Art Competition, Shortlisted, August 2015
  • Black Swan Arts Open Competition (Rabley Graduate Prize), December 2014
  • Black Swan Arts Open Competition, Shortlisted, December 2014
  • National Open Art Competition, Shortlisted , July 2014